Webinar on Low Carbon Public Procurements

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Teams webinar
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Barents climate support -project & KEINO Competence centre

Barents climate support -project welcomes you to an online event about Low Carbon Public Procurements. The event will take place on 15 December at 10.00–11.30 am (UTC+2). 

The aim of the webinar is to tell about low carbon in public procurements, low carbon potential of product categories, and what low carbon procurement means at the strategic, tactical and operational level of the organization. We will provide information on existing tools and materials that will support small and larger actors to promote low carbon procurement.

We also hope to hear your thoughts on low carbon procurements. Do you want to share your best practices, tools or examples to other actors on the Barents region? Please let us know latest on the 8.12.2023 and prepare max. 10 min. presentation.


  • Welcome to the webinar, Jenni Rovio, Motiva Ltd
  • Low carbon procurement and emission reduction potential, Sara-Tuuli Siiskonen, Finnish Environmental Institute
  • Playbook for low carbon procurement: low carbon procurement succeeds with collaboration
    Measuring and evaluating impacts, Jenni Rovio, Motiva Ltd 
  • The Criteria Bank Accelerates the Use of Sustainability and Nutrition Criteria in Public Procurement, Suvi Salmela, Motiva Ltd 
  • Discussion  about Best practices, tools and examples from Barents region actors 

This event is organized in cooperation with KEINO - Competence center for Sustainable and Innovative public procurement in Finland.

If you have any questions, topics you want to address in the webinar or you want to prepare a presentation, please contact 
Jenni Rovio, jenni.Rovio@motiva.fi