Market Consultation as a Legal Instrument in Public Procurement

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On the 21st of September 2023 (13:30–14:30 CEST) the PROCEDIN Project cordially invites all professionals and stakeholders involved in public procurement to participate in this highly informative and practical training.

Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) offers a unique chance for public authorities to identify and adopt cutting-edge solutions that address societal challenges while promoting economic competitiveness. 

Market Consultation serves as a pivotal legal instrument in this process, enabling procurers to engage with the market early on, gather valuable insights, and shape procurement strategies that drive innovation.

The upcoming training will focus on equipping participants with the knowledge and expertise to carry out a market consultation procedure effectively. 

Through a compelling real-life case example, attendees will gain valuable insights into the practical implementation of Market Consultation within the legal framework of Public Procurement of Innovation.