Green Public Procurement Webinar: How to procure circular, nZEB and green construction skills?

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Online webinar
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ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, on behalf of the European Commission

Buildings are not only one of the largest assets managed by public authorities, they also have a large carbon footprint. Construction extracts the most resources (50%) and emits the most CO2 (36%) out of any sector. Using more circular and sustainable strategies in the built environment can help to reduce the embodied emissions of building materials by 50%, as many EU-funded projects have shown. However, achieving a circular built environment at scale will not happen unless the workforce acquires the relevant skills and competencies to design, construct and maintain circular buildings. 

Public procurement is a powerful tool that public authorities can use to stimulate demand for sustainable construction skills, such as nZEB, energy efficiency and circular skills. By embedding criteria in tenders for certain certifications, services, or qualifications, public buyers can send a signal to the market and encourage the development and learning of skills that support the transition to a more circular and greener construction sector. Procurers across Europe have started to embed skills requirements in tenders of construction projects. 

This webinar will analyse how public procurement can be used as a strategic tool that can support the upskilling and reskilling of the construction workforce and help to futureproof the European construction sector. 

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