Accessibility Statement

The web services of the KEINO Competence Centre are governed by  The Act on the Provision of Digital Services, which requires that public sector must be accessible. The KEINO Competence Centre works to promote equality in its web services, to ensure that they are user-friendly and available for all public organisations and their staff.

Link to The Act on the Provision of Digital Services (in Finnish)

Below you will find the KEINO Competence Centre's Accessibility Statement for and its language versions. The accessibility of the website has been assessed in-house using technical tools. A third party carried out a partial assessment of the technical accessibility in 2018. The Accessibility Statement (in Finnish) was originally published on 22 September 2020. The date of the latest update is shown at the foot of the page.

Web service accessibility status

The web service largely meets the accessibility requirements of the Act, with a few exceptions, has no critical deficiencies in its accessibility. It meets the requirements for levels A and AA of the WCAG guidelines.

The web service's overall functionality is quite good. Below is a listing of separate services or implementations that have room for improvement and whose accessibility we plan to improve.

Menu functionality

There are a few shortcomings in the functionality of the web service menu. For example, in certain situations the menu is only partially visible and does not function correctly on some older browsers. These problems also affect accessibility. We have been correcting the functionality of the menu since autumn 2021, and in the same context we have ensured that the implementation is in every way compliant with the accessibility requirements.


Some of the attachments published on the website before 23 September 2020 are not compliant with the requirements. In these cases, you can request the attachments in an accessible format. Please see section Accessibility Feedback below on how to contact us.


The web service has embedded videos that can be viewed directly on the website. All the videos are subtitled.

The website also has links to videos produced by the KEINO Competence Centre, which cannot be viewed directly on the web service. They must be opened outside the service on the Hankintakeino channel on the YouTube site.

Link to our YouTube-channel

Videos that are located on the YouTube site and do not have subtitles have been linked to the web service. Most of them last more than 5 minutes, for example webinar recordings. Our primary procedure for fulfilling the accessibility requirements for these videos is to include a summary in a news format in video description.

In addition to or instead of the website and Hankintakeino channel on the YouTube web service, we publish video files on Twitter and LinkedIn. These videos are always subtitled.

Link to our Twitter channel

Link to our LinkedIn channel

We implement video subtitles as SRT files. That is, when posting a video on YouTube, we include the subtitles in a file format. In September 2020, the format of our Twitter account did not yet allow the use of SRT files. We looked into the problem in autumn 2020. The videos posted on Twitter can be found with subtitles in other services.

Accessibility feedback

If you notice accessibility issues on the website, please send us feedback via our web form. The answer may take up to 14 days; however, addressing the deficiencies may take longer than that.

Send accessibility feedback at KEINO's communications manager Sini Marttinen or Please write "accessibility feedback" in the subject field.

Link to Sini Marttinen's contact information

Link to our e-mail

If you are not satisfied the response you received or do not receive any response within two weeks, you can give feedback to the Regional Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. The Agency's website explains how to file a complaint and how the matter will be handled.

Link to the Agency's Accessibility Control Unit's website (in Finnish)

Supervisory Authority

Supervisory Authority contact information
Regional Administrative Agency for Southern Finland,
Accessibility Control Unit
Telephone 0295 016 000

Our Contact details regarding accessbility

If you wish, you may contact the person responsible for the web service, KEINO's communications manager Sini Marttinen