KEINO buyer groups

KEINO Competence centre facilitates several so-called buyer groups, consisting public purchasing authorities with common needs. The buyer groups aim at speed up the development and implementation of new ways of working, solutions and methods of scaling up best practices and innovative solutions. At the same time enhancing the capabilities to conduct sustainable and innovative procurement.  

The buyer groups provide a platform for co-operation and peer support for procurement experts. A central part of the group activities is also co-operation with the suppliers and developers of goods, services and solutions.

Each buyer group is formed by its members, who make a joint plan of activities. Action points of group may be clarifying the common challenges ahead, developing joint criteria, tools, test beds or road maps and/or organizing joint market dialogues. The groups compile existing best practices from Finland and abroad. The work is facilitated by an expert from KEINO.
In 2020 there is a total of 11 active buyer groups in KEINO: 


Procurement in the social welfare and health sector

  • Sustainable procurement in healthcare regions- buyer group. Contact person: Elina Ojala
  • Healthcare and social welfare procurement - buyer group. Contact person: Antti  Tuukkanen

Procurement of transport and mobility

Procurement in the education sector

Procurement in waste- and water management

  • Platforms and apps in water management -buyer group. Contact person: Piia Moilanen 

Cross-cutting themes

  • Employment clauses in procurement- buyer group. Contact person: Taneli Varis.

Green deals in public procurement

  • Green deal for zero emission construction sites. Contact person: Elina Ojala
  • Green deal for reducing hazardous substances in kindergartens and pre-school environments. Contact person: Salla Koivusalo

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