The green deal Agreement for Public Procurement

Käsiä rivissä puunrungolla

The green deal Agreement for Public Procurement is a voluntary, procurement-specific commitment which is made between the procurement unit and a government party. The contract model has been developed in cooperation with finnish procurement units and ministries. New procurement units are welcome in joining green deal contracts.

Green deal supports the existing missions of procurement units, such as carbon neutrality goals, resource wisdom, circular economy, sustainable and innovative procurement strategies and roadmaps, climate strategies and energy efficiency agreements.

KEINO offers support for procurement activities

The mission of the KEINO is to implement the goals of the green deal agreements in concrete procurement activities and thereby speed up the implementation of procurements that promote the bio and circular economy and low carbon. KEINO offers its expert service during the joint preparation phase as well as during the tendering phase. The procurement units that signed the green deal Agreement form a new procurement network and can provide peer support to each other.

The green deal Agreement is suitable for procurement units that have the will, resources and motivation to develop their operations and adopt new operating models, even on a fast schedule. 

Green deal as a commitment

The green deal agreement requires a decision by the organisation's top management. The management's decision also makes it easier for the industries to participate and commit to the goals. Green deals are created based on need and are decided together with the procurement units. The other party to the contract is the ministry, which is selected according to the theme of the procurement target.

In the green deal Agreement, the procurement unit commits

  • to implement the goals agreed in the green deal in the selected acquisitions, to share experiences during the acquisition with others and to mentor others interested in the implementation of the operating model created during the process
  • participation in the process: In the green deal the procurement unit's own work input and time are required for the entire process: preparation phase, tendering and cooperation during the contract.
  • You can join the dreen deal Agreement by contacting the contact person of the agreement

In the green deal Agreement, the state commits

  • to offer expert help through the KEINO competence center
  • to produce annual monitoring and impact assessment
  • to produce communication and marketing materials
  • to facilitate the obstacles identified in the green deal groups

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