Innovation Broker

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Innovation Broker is an international operating model that aims to increase the quantity and quality of innovative procurements by identifying and gathering procurement data of procurement units and innovation data of companies.

The goal of the Innovation Broker services is to support the procurement units in the planning and preparation phase of innovative procurement. The goal is to increase dialogue and information flow between procurement units and potential suppliers.

Mission is that with Innovation Broker's services there will be more innovative procurements and joint procurements, common requirements definitions and data models, documented experiments and pilots, more relevant calls for tenders, references and EU funding.

Innovation Broker's services

Innovation Broker's services include digitalization consulting, procurement procedure selection support, market dialogue support, matchmaking of needs and innovations, mapping of funding opportunities, clarification of the procurement objectives/ needs. In addition, if possible, other similar services can be offered according to the needs of the procurement unit. Decisions about the services offered are made when the procurement unit has been accepted as a customer.

Digitalization consulting

Digitalization consulting supports procurement of new digital solutions, where various digital tools and solutions are developed and procured. Digital consulting can focus, for example, on use case reviews and the technical requirements.

Procurement procedure selection

Procurement procedure selection helps the procurement unit in the selection of the procurement procedure. The goal is to identify the best way to proceed to implement innovative procurement that supports the goals of procurement unit.

Market dialogue support

Market dialogue support offers new perspectives and models for making market dialogue. The goal is to identify the best ways to conduct a market dialogue and to develop practices through which market dialogues support procurement preparation in a way that benefits both the procurement unit and the bidders.

Matchmaking of needs and innovations

Matchmaking of needs and innovations supports the procurement unit in creating an overall picture of the market situation. As part of the service, potential service providers who would be able to meet the procurement unit's development needs are identified using various sources. Service supports the preparation of criteria and can also support with organizing market dialogues.

Mapping of funding opportunities

Mapping of funding opportunities offers an overall view of various funding opportunities for innovative procurements. In the mapping, current funding opportunities suitable for the customer's procurement are reviewed.

Clarification of the procurement objectives/ needs

Clarification of the procurement objectives/ needs supports the customer in clarifying the objectives of the procurement and specifying the scope/target of the procurement.

Picture of innovation broker operating model