KEINO organizations and roles

Motiva brings to the Competence Centre in particular its expertise in sustainable procurement and procurement criteria, as well as experimentation and scaling. Motiva's role is to act as the coordinator of Keino and ultimately is responsible for the centre's services. Motiva is also responsible for coordinating the service address of Keino ( and for promoting the green deal model and  support in implementing it. In addition, the organization assists the Association of Finnish Municipalities in coordinating change agent activities. Contact person Isa-Maria Bergman

The Association of Local and Regional Authorities (Kuntaliitto) brings its expertise and network of municipal operators and public procurement available to other Keino organizations. Kuntaliitto is responsible for coordinating the activities of Keino that develop strategic procurement management (such as the KEINO Academy), and for coordinating the Centre's communication and websites. In addition, the organization, together with Motiva, is responsible for coordinating change agent activities. Contact person Katariina Huikko.

Hansel brings its expertise in developing and influencing (joint) procurement in central government and municipalities to all the necessary functions of Keino. Hansel is responsible for developing the tools piloted at the KEINO Academy. Contact person Liisa Lehtomäki.

VTT Technical Research Center of Finland participates extensively in the operations of Keino with its own expertise in research, especially regarding the innovativeness of procurement, as well as measuring impacts and assessing effectiveness. Responsible person Juha Oksanen.

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE produces research information related to the management, implementation and measurement of procurement. SYKE develops tools suitable for assessing the environmental impact of procurement and calculating carbon footprint.s SYKE's expertise is utilized especially in the development of low-carbon and circular economy procurement operations, in buyer group activities and in strategic procurement management. SYKE is responsible for cooperation with universities related to procurement development. Contact persons Katriina Alhola and Annukka Berg.

Business Finland (BF) role s to support the networking of procurement units in business ecosystems and corporate networks, and to provide information and examples on how procurement can act as a developer of markets in growth sectors. BF is responsible for coordinating the buyer group operations of the Competence Center. Contact persons Piia Moilanen, Riikka Munne and Eriika Autio.


Sitra, the Finnish National Fund for Independence, is a versatile expert in the field of impact acquisition.  Sitra was part of the consortium until the end of 2019.

See below for a visualization of the expertise and networksin Finnish. You can also download the image below in PDF format, in either portrait or landscape format.

Core competences and networks of KEINO competence center infographic