KEINO organizations and roles

Motiva Oy acts as the coordinator of the Competence Centre and is responsible for its operations. In addition, Motiva is responsible for the competence development and peer support focus area, the activities of several development teams and the piloting of the Green Deal model. Responsible manager Isa-Maria Bergman.

The Association of Local and Regional Authorities is responsible for the communication of the Centre and for the strategic management, measurement and impact assessment. The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities is responsible for the overall competence development (especially change agent activities) and peer support together with Motiva Oy. Responsible person Katariina Huikko.

Hansel Oy is extensively involved in the operations of the entire centre with its own expertise and as a developer and influencer of government procurement. Responsible person: Liisa Lehtomäki.

VTT Technical Research Center of Finland is responsible for developing the measurement and impact assessment of procurement, and participates extensively in the operation of the Center of Expertise with its own expertise. Responsible person Juha Oksanen.

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE participates extensively in the activities of the Centre with its own expertise. Responsible person Katriina Alhola.

Business Finland (BF) is responsible for the focus areas of “development teams” and “international cooperation”. BF participates in the Centre by networking contracting entities in business ecosystems, business networks, and providing examples and information on how acquisitions can open up markets in growth areas. Responsible persons Piia Moilanen, Riikka Munne and Eriika Autio.

Sitra, the Finnish National Fund for Independence, is a versatile expert in the field of impact acquisition. Responsible persons Anna Tonteri and Anna-Maija Aalto.

See below for a visualization of the expertise and networksin Finnish. You can also download the image below in PDF format, in either portrait or landscape format.