KEINO services

Keino offers free  guidance and information on strategic management of public procuring, developing public procurement competence and cooperation and networking in public procurement.

The services of the KEINO competence center are intended for those making and planning public procurements, as well as for the management of public organizations. The services are free.

The services are:

Advisory service

KEINO develops the know-how of procurers and offers advice regarding sustainable and innovative public procurement. Purchasers can directly contact the free advisory service, which provides information on, for example, how to proceed in the preparation of sustainable or innovative procurement. The advice offered by KEINO concerns the procurement planning phase: needs mapping, market mapping, formulation of goals, results or criteria, verification options, contract terms and impact assessment.
The competence center also assists in communicating procurement goals and operating model within the procurement unit's own organization.

KEINO change agents (regional support)

Change agents act as local contact persons of the competence center and bring KEINO's operations and support closer to practical operators.

KEINO buyer groups

KEINO Competence centre facilitates several so-called buyer groups, consisting public purchasing authorities with common needs. The buyer groups aim at speed up the development and implementation of new ways of working, solutions and methods of scaling up best practices and innovative solutions. At the same time enhancing the capabilities to conduct sustainable and innovative procurement.

Preparation and implementation support of national procurement green deal agreements

The green deal is a voluntary procurement-focused contract model that a procurement unit makes with the ministry. The procurement green deal is a new model in Finland. The contract model has been developed in co-operation with procurement units and ministries. The green deal agreement supports the procurement units’ achieving their strategic goals. KEINO provides support for the preparation and implementation of the green deal agreement.

KEINO Academy (Procurement and procurement management support)

KEINO academy is a free development program on the strategic management of sustainable and innovative public procurement. It is intended especially for the management of procurement units and those who make purchases.

Theme Academies

Theme Academies are in-depth development programs for managing the effectiveness of public procurement. They focus on a specific theme or strategic goal.

Innovation Broker

Innovation Broker is an international operating model that aims to increase the quantity and quality of innovative public procurement by identifying and gathering procurement data of procurement entities and innovation data of companies.