International cooperation in public procurement

One way to promote sustainable and innovative public procurement is to network with European procurement experts on international projects. By learning from international good practices, contracting authorities can further develop their operations and share their expertise across borders.

KEINO seeks to expand networks and increase expertise. KEINO supports Finnish contracting authorities in making use of European funding for innovative public procurement. KEINO informs contracting authorities about interesting international projects and further develops Finland’s image by distributing information about Finnish top expertise.

When should you look abroad (to Finland)?

If you can relate to the procurement needs listed below, you should seek opportunities outside Finland.

  • You need inspiration and examples of sustainable and innovative procurement.
  • You want to learn from top international experts.
  • You are seeking internationally interesting solutions and funding for them.
  • You want to lead the way and share good practices 
  • You are seeking international recognition for your pioneering role in procurement.

What does KEINO offer?

Information about international good practices in procurement

The KEINO competence centre has collected information about European case studies in good procurement practices for Finnish procurement experts and authorities. These good practise cases are also interesting to procurement professionals outside Finland.

International networks

The KEINO competence centre helps procurement experts participate in international exchange programmes. KEINO also participates in international networks; for example, it serves as Finland’s representative for the Urban Agenda of the EU.


The KEINO competence centre prepares interesting stories for international distribution that also serve as references. KEINO also identifies and suggests Finnish contracting authorities for international competitions in procurement or similar sectors. 

The purpose of its measures to increase international cooperation in procurement is to support the export of solutions created in public procurement projects and to further improve Finland’s image as an internationally recognised operating environment that fosters innovation and experiments. It aims for Finnish contracting authorities and experts to make active use of European funding for innovative public procurement, and for Finnish contracting authorities to be preferred partners.

Interested in the above mentioned?

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