Rahoitusta innovatiiviseen kiertotaloutta edistävään ICT hankintaan

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Pohjoismainen Nordic Vision - Circular and Climate Friendly Public Procurements –hanke on julkistanut 600 000 DK rahoitushaun innovatiiviseen kiertotaloutta edistävään ICT hankintaan.  

Rahoituksen saa parhaiten muotoiltu hankinnalla ratkaistava haaste. Rahoitusta voi tietyin ehdoin käyttää myös jo meneillään olevaan hankintaan.   
Hakemukset tulee toimittaa 7.12. mennessä hakulomakkeella.

Lisätietoja alla englanniksi.

600 000 DKK funding opportunity for circular ICT! 

The Nordic Vision Project Circular and Climate Friendly Public Procurements now has a great opportunity for public buyers with sustainability ambitions. 600 000 DKK of funding will be awarded to the organization that can best describe a circular ICT challenge that could be solved through an innovative procurement process. These circular challenges can be related to organizational routines and employee behaviour, prolonging lifetime of equipment, end of life treatment or any other topic that fits the circularity umbrella. 

Proposed innovation methods are as followed, but are not limited to: 

  • Pre-commercial procurement 
  • Start-Off Competition 
  • Innovation partnership 
  • Plan- and design competition 
  • Competition-based dialogue 
  • Competition with negotiation 

See attachment for descriptions of methods. Please note however that the chosen method must comply with the exemptions stated in the EU Directive 2014/24. The project team can also be of assistance in finding the appropriate innovation method for your challenge. 

It is possible to use the funding for ongoing projects with additional funding resources, but in those cases the applicant needs to describe specifically how the Nordic Vision funding will trigger extra activities. 

The application should be between 800-1200 words long. Evaluation of the applications will emphasize a clear description of the circular challenge need, expected environmental benefits, and the scalability of potential solutions. 

Deadline for submitting your application is 7.12.2022. 

Submit your application here.


Any questions can be directed to MarteBredesen.Drageset@dfo.no.