Innovation Broker is an international operating model that aims to increase the quantity and quality of innovative procurements by identifying and gathering procurement data of procurement units and innovation data of companies. The goal of the Innovation Broker services is to support the

In 2018 KEINO conducted a survey, which was used to map the state of procurement competence for sustainable and innovative public procurement in Finland. Respondents' background information A total of 270 responses were received to the survey. Most of the respondents, a total of 84 %, worked in

The green deal Agreement for Public Procurement is a voluntary, procurement-specific commitment which is made between the procurement unit and a government party. The contract model has been developed in cooperation with finnish procurement units and ministries. New procurement units are welcome in

In 2018, KEINO carried out a survey to map the state of procurement competence/expertise in sustainable and innovative procurement in Finland. Read a summary of the survey results in 2018. A follow-up survey was carried out in 2020. Read a summary of the survey results in 2020.

Strategic management of procurement Surveys were carried out in 2018 and 2021. Read a summary of the Strategic management of procurement in 2018 survey. Read a summary of the Strategic management of procurement in 2021 survey.

In January 2021, KEINO conducted a follow-up survey on the current state of strategic management of sustainable and innovative public procurement. (First survey was made in 2018.) The survey was carried out as an electronic survey and received a total of 178 responses. The majority of respondents

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