Funding opportunities

Kädet ojentamassa lamppua

One way to speed up sustainable and innovative public procurement is to apply for funding to support procurement preparation and planning. Depending on the financial service and the financier, funding can also be applied for the development and piloting work and investment costs of innovative procurement.

Funding opportunities in Finland

  • Business Finland Funding for Innovative Public Procurement is intended for procurement units.
  • Funding can be used for planning and preparation, tendering and co-development and piloting phase of innovative public procurement. 
    • Acceptabel costs for the project are e.g.: Market mapping, definition of procurement objectives, selection of the procurement procedure, tendering of partners, fees paid for development and piloting. 
  • Funding is 40 % or 50 % (grant) of the total costs of the preparation and development phase, depending on the content of the project.

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Funding opportunities in EU

  • EU offers funding for the implementation of innovative public procurement through various programs.
  • EU funding is used to support international projects that generate significant added value, the impact of which extends beyond the borders of the home country. With funding, the EU aims to increase the demand-driven volume of innovation activities and open the market for new solutions from companies.
  • Various EU funding opportunities have been collected in the national EU funding advisory service. The national EU funding advisory service offers free information and advice on European Union funding programs. The EU funding advisory service implemented by Business Finland is financed by the Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs.

National EU funding advisory service

KEINO offers procurement units support and sparring during the funding application phase, so get in touch actively and tell us your needs!


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