Developing procurement competence

Many skills are required for successful public procurement. What is the competence needed for making sustainable and innovative public procurement? What skills do you need to make sustainable purchases?

o Perceiving outlines and managing entities: A single procurement is always part of a larger entity and each purchase can support the organization’s strategic goals. For example, the strategic role of procurement in achieving climate goals has been emphasized on the municipal side.

o Substance competence: A good understanding of the subject of the acquisition and the need to be addressed, eg technology.

o Budget and Pricing expertise: Instead of just the cheapest price, you can use life-cycle costs and return on investment as the basis for your selection.

o Operational procurement competence: The use and application of procurement criteria in the procurement process require strong operational procurement expertise from the supplier.

o Expertise in procurement law: Knowledge of procurement law is an important part of a buyer's daily life.

o Communication skills: A key competency for sustainable and innovative sourcing is the acquisition of market mapping / supplier market knowledge and proactive stakeholder dialogue.