Recent study proves KEINO Academy benefits advancing sustainable public procurement

Nainen opiskelee tietokoneen ääressä

Public procurement has opportunities to drive sustainability. 

KEINO is a networked Competence Centre founded to increase sustainable and innovative public procurement, and it aims to improve the effectiveness and quality of public procurement and public services. One of the serviced used for this is KEINO Academy, a free development programme for public sector procurement professionals.

A recent study takes a look at the challenges in promoting sustainable public procurement and finds that lack of strategic management and top-level commitment are often major hindrances. The study examines how KEINO Academy advances sustainable public procurement and finds that it tackles these challenges in a holistic way. It legitimises and structures sustainable public procurement while also offering expert and peer support.

The study suggests that sustainable public procurement programmes should build a holistic working mode, respect the versatility of the participating organisations, involve all the key people in the organisations and sustain change.

The article is mainly based on qualitative analysis of interviews with 24 municipal representatives and it makes an empirical contribution by studying the KEINO Academy as a pioneering sustainable public procurement development case.

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Berg, A., Alhola, K., Peltomaa, J. and Tietari, S. (2022), "Developing together: the Finnish way of promoting sustainable public procurement", Journal of Public Procurement.