Move the market towards sustainable solutions with the Big Buyers for Climate and Environment!


“As a buyer from a government, we must give the right signal. We must stimulate the market. With the Big Buyers group, we give attention, we motivate each other. We have to make big steps, but if we do it together, it’s easier.” - Richard Brabers, city of Rotterdam, member of the Big Buyers Initiative heavy-duty electric vehicles working group.

Big Buyers for Climate and Environment is a European Commission Initiative for promoting collaboration between big public buyers in implementing strategic public procurement for sustainable solutions.

Public procurement can be a key tool in driving the development of innovative goods and services on the European market. By working together, and pooling their resources, cities, central purchasing bodies, and other major public procurers can maximise their market power and impact.

The first phase of the Big Buyers initiative has produced a number of ambitious results: under the three areas of collaboration of zero-emission construction sites, heavy-duty electric vehicles and circular construction materials, public entities have shared challenges and solutions, established collaboration with suppliers and worked with technical experts across Europe. Check their results at

For this next phase, four areas for joint collaboration will be established based on the concrete needs and interest of public entities toward procuring new sustainable solutions which are currently not available on the market. 

Why get involved?

We are looking for ambitious public entities interested in working on innovation procurement in areas such as health, clean energy, low-carbon construction or intelligent transport.

Organisations taking part in the Big Buyers working groups can benefit in a number of ways:

  • Exchange of best practice with peers from across the EU
  • Carrying out joint market engagement and sharing market intelligence
  • Find out about the latest guidance and technical developments
  • Full reimbursement of travel costs for all physical meetings and technical visits
  • Support from the secretariat in enabling the collaboration 

How to be involved?

Have your say! Fill in the questionnaire by 18 December.
Through a quick online form, we will collect your interest around six possible areas of collaboration: 

  • Mobility 
  • Energy 
  • Construction 
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT) and artificial intelligence (AI) 
  • Health or other. 

For each area, you can then describe specific needs (services or products) you are looking to procure in the coming years, but which are currently not easily available on the market.

The survey will be open until 18 of December. The secretariat will then analyse the results to see for which areas, products and/or services there is most interest from entities to get together and collaborate. A series of follow up interviews will take place during January 2021. Working groups will be established starting from February/March 2021 for a period of two years. 

Information webinar

Still have some doubts? Join us on Tuesday 8 December, 9.30-10.30 CET for an informational webinar where we will present the possibilities and added value for being involved.

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For any further information or questions visit the website or send an email to: