Innovation Partnership procedure by Waste Management centers benefits buyers and suppliers

Agents of Laukeuden Etappi Oy and Elenium Oy at the demostration videos filming location

How to get current and accurate information about weighing and stocks to support daily work and reporting? What is the best possible way to respond to forth-coming legal demands and at the same time develop weighing program that responds to the needs of the future? 

Five municipal waste management centers* joint procurement began from shared needs and challenges. For the procurement process, innovation partnership was chosen to be best suited. Ilkka Letonsaari production manager from Lakeuden Etappi Oy describes the procurement procedure - Innovation partnership procedure makes it possible to acquire partner when the results are not yet completely clear. In this procurement, it was not possible to precisely define the desired results before the procurement and therefore innovation partnership procedure was an excellent choice. 

Furthermore, Lakeuden Etappi already had experience from joint procurement. “We have previous experience from such procurements and from my experience I would say that we could do more joint procurements,” says Letonsaari. 

Innovation partnership procedure is efficient and very welcome operating model also from the supplier’s point of view. - Innovation partnership procedure works very well when the definition of the procurement leaves room for both sides to innovate. With innovation partnership process, both sides can solve challenges together, says Elenium Oy’s Head of Sales Joonas Jokinen. - Joint procurement is beneficial because it enables us to notice the needs and hopes of several actors at the same time, Jokinen continues.

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*Lakeuden Etappi Oy, Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto Oy, Rosk’n Roll Oy, Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy ja Vestia Oy.