KEINO regional support

Maakuntakartta väritettynä muutosagenttialueilla

KEINO offers regional support to public procurers in Finland in form of regional change agents. KEINO change agents (KEINO-muutosagentti in Finnish) act as the local contact point for the competence centre, bringing KEINO's activities and support closer to public procurers locally. The work of these agents receives funding from KEINO but is performed under the employment of each agent's own employer. 

The change agents tasks are to:

1. provide information for the Competence center about the situation in the region and the needs of public procuring entities

2. advise and support procuring entities in accordance with the activities of KEINO

3. build networks between procuring entities, experts and companies

4. activate procuring entities to participate in KEINO’s activities and buyer groups

The first KEINO change agents for were recruited in December 2018 in three provinces and now there are already agents in 15 provinces (see map on the right. The greener the area, the longer the area has had change agent activity). Currently, KEINO change agents can be found in 15 out of 18 Finnish provinces.

If you want to know more about regional work on sustainable and innovative public procurement in Finland, please contact our agents.