KEINO change agents

Maakuntakartta väritettynä muutosagenttialueilla


KEINO change agents act as the local focal point for the competence centre, bringing KEINO's activities and support closer to public procurers locally. The work of KEINO change agents is funded by KEINO and their mission is to:

1. provide the centre with information on the situation in the area and local needs

2. advise and support procurers in their area in accordance with the activities of KEINO

3. network between different procurement entities and experts

4. activate procurement units to participate in the centre's buyer/procurement development groups

The first KEINO change agents were recruited as part time experts for pilot projects in in December 2018 to the following areas: Pirkanmaa, Northern Ostrobothnia and Southwest Finland (dark green areas on the map).

A second batch of KEINO change agents began their work in the fall of 2019 in the following areas: Kymenlaakso, Lapland, Satakunta (medium green areas in the map).

The third addition to the KEINO change agent activity (light green areas in the site map) was recruited in January 2020.